MAY 26-29, 2011
ISTANBUL, TURKEY – ISTANBUL’74 and AnOther Magazine presented the 2nd (/inaugural) annual Istanbul International Arts and Culture Festival (IST. Festival) from May 26 through May 29, 2011, hosted by Demet Müftüoğlu Eşeli (ISTANBUL’74 founder), Alphan Eşeli (ISTANBUL’74 founder) and Jefferson Hack (Editorial Director and Publisher, Dazed Group).
Presented by ISTANBUL’74 and AnOther Magazine, supported by the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture, sponsored by VAKKO, the Istanbul International Arts and Culture Festival is a high profile, free and public forum, dedicated to educating, informing, and acquainting the audience with all that is current and contemporary.
Using the effervescent city of Istanbul as the stage, we invite leading cultural figures from around the globe to participate in a series of talks, lectures, exhibitions, film screenings, book signings and commemorations. The impetus for these assemblies is to encourage discussion, ask cognitive and relevant questions, and examine what the definition of creativity essentially is as well as reflect and share personal experiences within the realm.
The festival is an exaltation on the interchange of ideas, and accents the importance of interconnectivity and ingenuity.
This diverse, galvanizing and illuminating program of the festival fortifies the cultural ties between Turkey and the rest of the world.
Excelling cultural figures from around the globe gather to partake in the Istanbul International Arts and Culture Festival, blending some of the world’s most important and talented writers, designers, editors, actors, poets, film-makers, dancers and musicians to beguile and open minds.
International Team -
Nadine Johnson Inc. (US Press Office)

Caroline Lever (Curator/ Project Manager AnOther Magazine)